Andrea Lepori

Mixer, Engineer, Producer

  • The Mix Room @ Studio45



    The Mix Room at Studio45 is the brand new mixing room and recording studio in the heart of east London E2 by the canal.

    Located at Studio45 that is a 4 rooms recording studios home of Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse and Dido’s producers and writers.

    Andrea Lepori is the house producer/engineer, he has already work for

    Island Record

    Neon Gold

    Universal Sweden

    Sony UK


    Rates start at £100/track including Mixing and Mastering plus 2 free revisions.

    Here some of the artists we’ve been working for:

    –  P*NUT Dido, Faithless, Amy Winehouse

    –  Matty Benbrook Paolo Nutini, Faithless, Dido

    –  Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Slash, Queensrÿche and many more)

    –  Teddy Andreadis (Guns’n’Roses, Carol King, Alice Cooper, Beth Hart, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Peter Stormare)

    –  Johnny Griparic (Slash’s Snakepit)

    –  Joey Huffman (Matchbox Twenty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Soul Asylum, Hank Williams Jr

    The Mix Room equipment includes

    – Pro Tools HD3 + 2x 96 I/O interfacrs
    – Logic 9 and X
    – Api 512c preamp + API Lunchbox
    – Universal Audio LA 610 preamp + opto compressor
    – 6x TL Audio valve preamp and channel strip
    – 4x Avalon Preamps
    – Presonus Eureka channel strip
    – Avalon 747 Compressor
    – Drawmer Dual gate
    – Dbx Compressor/Limiter
    – TL Audio Valve eq
    – Lexicon MPX1
    – Eventide Princeton Reverb 2015
    – Yamaha Ns10 passive nearfield
    – Adam A7 active monitors
    Live Room 35 sq feet
    Premier Drum Kit + Zildjian K Series Cymbals
    B3 Hammond Organ + Leslie
    Yahama Upright Piano
    Taylor Acoustic Guitar
    Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster electric guitar
    Mackie PA
    Vox Guitar Amp